This and That

Alright, first thing's first. There are some mildly high priority issues I must lay down before my blog post today. They are as follows:

- My anti-dandruff shampoo is in fact giving me dandruff.
- Someone posted a photo on Facebook showing off skincare products that in total would have cost me an entire paycheck should I have purchased them myself.
- Speaking of Facebook, a guy named Scarfy sent me a friend request. His profile picture features who I assume is himself, wearing an oversized Ecko sweater and a chain around his neck that rivals the thickness of the one currently holding my back porch's gate locked.
- My roommate had his girlfriend over last night. Guess how much sleep I got? (Hint: my lamp nearly fell over from being constantly rattled)
- I want a grilled cheese sandwich, but I do not have a grilled cheese sandwich.
- My feet are too warm today, so I have to keep sliding in and out of my flats, wait for them to cool and put them back on again only to enjoy a momentary second of that cold-shoe goodness.

Moving on!

So the presidential electrons (WOW, I'm leaving that typo there to remind myself how much of a goober I am today) wrapped up last night and Barack Obama has secured another four years in office, which is pretty cool cause let's face it, I don't want to see our neighbours down south get stuck in the 20th century. Seriously, let females keep the rights we were given and let my friends marry whoever the hell they want to. Oh, and good on ya, Colorado.

So something has been nagging me for quite a while now, and I could use the input of my peers. At what point are you doing too much to benefit your own personal happiness? In other words, at what point does doing things for yourself while neglecting others become unfair? I know before even lifting my coffee mug that some individuals regard their own well-being above others, and that there are also incredibly selfless people in the world who put themselves last on their own list, but where is that healthy balance and when is it compromised? Obviously it depends on the person, but I just want input.

I realized today that Winnipeg's shiny new Ikea is opening on the 28th of this month. It's no surprise that the 28th is also a payday for me. Why these things always seem to work in tandem, I'll never know.

I suppose that's all for now, today is essentially a week's allowance of boredom condensed into one drag-ass afternoon. Til next time.


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