Rant/Up for Discussion: Trust

Oh Monday, how I never seem to welcome your weekly appearance. Be gone with ye!

And yes, I'm aware that my blog has been untouched for the better part of a week or so. I'm acquiring something of a life nowadays, so writing time is limited to when work dies down and I have nothing better to do than sit at my desk and slam-back my morning coffee. Well, that and I sometimes don't have diddly squat to bitch write about.

Well that's not the case today, because boy do I have something to chat about this morning, kiddos! I am seriously Fifty Shades of Pissed. This isn't just a rant, per se. This is something I seriously want input on because I'm at such a loss for words that I could develop a complex.

Let's rewind to last night. My roommates and I had a short meeting to discuss some of the house duties and go over a few issues that had bothered us as of late. At one point the topic came up of one's friends/significant other/fuck buddies staying at our house while the person with whom the relationship is with was not present. This is something one of my roommates in particular is notorious for. He will have his little gal pal over here and there (mostly here, I'm beginning to question whether or not she's homeless) and more often than not, I find she will stay at our place while he's working, in classes, etc. For one thing, I don't mind much, however that's because I know her somewhat and don't have a lot to hold against her (except that she's a rude and snobby brat, and contributes to my lamp shaking every night around 1am. I wish I was joking.)

My other roommate on the other hand has probably spoken to her on a handful of occasions. You can imagine his surprise to come home after class one day to find her sitting on our sofa channel-surfing one afternoon while no one else was there. Honestly, I would be surprised as well.

So, after a minor squall we agreed that as long as the person was home with their acquaintance, there was no harm in them staying as long as they'd like. Kapeesh? Kapeesh. Just don't eat my cheese rolls.

Now, before I continue I should share a little FYI. Our house is quite old, as are the locks. In order to even open our front door from the outside, you need to unlock it with a key. We are able to open it from the inside whenever, but it locks immediately when you close it so if you forget your house key inside you're SOL. I will admit that this has been the case many a times coming home with a ton of groceries and being stuck outside, until a roommate comes home to save the day and rescue this damsel in distress from freezing her ass off.

So you can imagine the surprise that came not even ten minutes after this meeting wrapped up when my roommate's aforementioned girly-friend let herself in...


Turns out, my roommate actually went and got extra keys cut before giving this chick one of her own!

WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW ROYALLY TICKED OFF I AM. He's known this girl what, a month or so? Not even, actually. Make that a few weeks. In what space and time is giving her a key - might I add, without even asking our other roommate or myself prior to doing so - at all okay?

First things first. I am not chummy-chummy with her whatsoever. Sure, I'm a nice and courteous individual; I will treat any guest in our household with utmost respect. I am not her best friend, I barely know her myself. My other roommate doesn't even know her last name.

From my understanding, she has not contributed to our damage deposit. Should something go awry with her and my roommate, and she see fit to come over with some paint/trash/destructive power tools and have a fucking field day (she could be that kind of person, you never know!) who's to blame? Him. And to my landlord? Us.

I'm furious. It's not a matter of entrusting this girl with a key to our house without asking our other roommate and I beforehand, though that does still unnerve me. It's the fact that he's known her less than a month. Don't get me wrong, I understand trust comes in many different forms. Unfortunately for my roommate, it appears that having a leash tied to your genitalia grants you with infinite trust. Do I sound worried to you? Good. It's because I am.

Here's where the discussion comes into play. Are his actions reasonable? Am I just overreacting? Is he being a dumbass? At what point is this actually acceptable?

I haven't been this upset in a while. Seriously. Any input would be highly appreciated.


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