Trick or Treat

As everyone on the face of the planet knows, Halloween has come and gone. My favourite holiday has come to an end and it's time to take down the orange and black decorations and shove them carelessly into the attic put them away for next year.

I didn't get the opportunity to go all-out with my makeup this year. Time restraints and kids showing up at 4:30 expecting candy kind of dampened my elaborate plans. Oh well, my first Halloween in Winnipeg was pretty fun. I helped my roommate set up his costume (Steampunk soldier) and as people came inside he would rattle his chains or - depending on their age - would reach out to them to freak them out. Obviously he didn't startle the little ones, but he got some good jumps and screams out of the young teens.

He looks...friendly.
I couldn't believe the amount of kids who showed up. We're talking in the hundreds here, and yet somehow even after giving out handfuls we had leftover candy. Back in Nova Scotia the average ranged anywhere from 25 to 70 or so. Not accustomed whatsoever!

God, looking at that crummy cellphone picture I took reminds me that a cobweb explosion is waiting for me to clean it up at home. Do not want. Side note: that stuff is VERY flammable.

I hope everyone had a safe and awesome Halloween. See you tomorrow!


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