Rant: "Under the Influence"

Okay. I'm not the type to complain a lot. I'll admit that sometimes I would rather raise my voice an octave or three at people, but I chose to bite my tongue instead. Why? Because I know people have issues. I'm considerate. I'm nice.

But some things really bother me to the point of frustration, so much so that my ears burn. One thing in particular is how some people treat their friends and/or family when they start seeing someone new. 

So you've finally found a guy/gal? Fantastic, good for you. I hope they take you to the moon and back. No really, I'm happy for you. Maybe.

Wait, what's that? You're going to give me the cold shoulder for absolutely no reason whatsoever? Okay, well then I'll just keep out of your space-WOW WHY'D YOU BLOW UP AT ME FOR SOMETHING I DIDN'T DO YOU ASS?

Huh. Well alright then.

Case in point: Person 1 begins seeing Person 2. Person 1 is paranoid about people finding out because they are a selfish git. I'm yanked into everything and told to keep my mouth shut, which I do because once again people, I AM NICE.

Fast forward a bit (haha not even, make that a DAY) and Person 3 (who is becoming a fantastic friend of mine, might I add) starts asking questions regarding the relationship between Person 1 and 2. Me being the excellent, loyal and let's not forget nice friend I am, keep any info from them and basically let them blow off steam. Do I believe they were on the right track with their assumptions? Quite right. Did I confirm or deny any speculations? No sir I did not.

Then this happened:

You can imagine it would come as a wonderful surprise to have my door basically beaten down late last night, be yelled at and accused of something I did not in fact do, and then when I attempt to question them said door gets slammed in my face.

Uhh, what just happened?

Turns out Person 3 had messaged Person 1 saying that they did not want to speak to them again because of their relationship with Person 2. Person 1 automatically assumed I blabbed my mouth off to Person 3 about "everything" and hadn't considered they could come to their own conclusions. MY GOD CHILD YOU ARE SO NARROW MINDED.

But I digress.

You see what I mean? I didn't want to get dragged into this chaos but here I am, confused and frustrated with a longtime friend pointing accusatory fingers at me for something I didn't even do. And that, lads n' lassies, is the point I'm trying to make this morning. When some people enter a new partnership, their behaviour does a complete one-eighty. Rational decisions and other people don't matter to them. They turn into selfish, rude and inconsiderate numb bodies, unable to think freely because they either have their manhood on a leash or are wrapped around someone's finger.

Or as I prefer to call it, they're under the influence. 

As you can guess I have no sweet clue what I should do, so any input is greatly appreciated. 

Until next time.


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